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leather drawer handles by Makeline Designs, collection
leather drawer handles by Makeline Designs, Color Combinations
leather drawer handles by Makeline Designs, Chocolate Leather with Antique Copper Hardware
Romi Classic Leather Handle
leather cabinet handles by Makeline Designs, collection
Romi Classic Leather Handle
Romi Classic Leather Handle
Romi Classic Leather Handle

Romi Classic Leather Handle

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Half Sizes (3.5", 4.5" and 5.5") Available Here: Romi Leather Drawer Handle | Half Sizes

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The Romi leather drawer handle adds the perfect finishing touch to just about any piece of furniture in your home. The full grain veg tan leather is sturdy enough for everyday use on a dresser, kitchen cabinets or vanity, yet soft enough for use in a nursery or playroom, where safety is of the utmost importance. Mix and match from 5 leather colors and 5 hardware finishes to create a unique aesthetic all your own, perfectly matching your décor style or standing out as a stunning detail you just can’t keep your eye off of. Whether you’re renovating that old chest of drawers or overhauling your entire kitchen, the Romi leather drawer handle is sure to get the job done with timeless style and sophistication.

Choose from four sizes to find the correct proportion and fit for your application. Don't see the size you need? The Romi handles can be made custom to fit your mounting hole spacing perfectly. Each handle is outfitted with all the hardware you will need for installation, including machine screws, nuts, and washers to fit a wide range of drawer and cabinet thicknesses.

-Made by hand in Durham, North Carolina
-Each Handle includes two 3/4" (19mm) machine screw for mounting. If you need a different length machine screw, please leave a note in the comments at checkout.
-Made from American Veg Tan leather, Tannery located in Chicago
-Handle width is 3/4" (19mm)

-Handle length when installed (end to end):
Size 3" (76mm) = 4-1/8" installed
Size 4" (102mm) = 5-1/8" installed
Size 5" (127mm) = 6-1/8" installed
Size 6" (152mm) = 7-1/8" installed
-The handle size is determined by the distance between the mounting holes (Example: if the mounting holes are 4" apart, please select the 4" handle option).
-Leather color options: Tan, Brandy, Chocolate, Dark Navy, Black

-Hardware options: Nickel (silver), Brass (gold), Antique Copper, Antique Brass, Black Oxide (matte black)

The Romi line is compatible with most Ikea furniture lines, including Hemnes, Tarva, Pax, Hauga, Koppang, Sogesand, Bjorksnas, Bryggja, Idanas, Hasselvika, Tyssedal, Osternas, Tornviken, Lommarp, Havsta, Billy, Oxberg, Brusali, and many more.

*Note that the leather color may vary slightly due to differences in the dye lot.

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