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About Us

Makeline Designs is born of a desire to make high quality, beautiful furniture hardware and accent pieces that can be sustainably manufactured here in the U.S. It started with a single leather drawer pull design and has grown to include multiple collections, new materials, and even metal components that we’re proud to machine in-house, from start to finish.

This company brings together my years spent as an industrial designer creating large-scale mass market products, and my journey to understand what truly goes into a thoughtfully—and responsibly—designed product. Makeline Designs is the best of both—we are focused on not only the end product, but how the products are made: The materials. The process. The people. The potential to build something in the U.S. that can stay in the U.S.

Our products are made in limited production runs with premium materials meant to age and gain more character over time. We hope that these pieces enable our customers to bring their own creativity and personality to the spaces they call home.

-Dan Basmajian, Founder